Starting this July
An exciting training & paid internship opportunity for early-stage developers on front-end web development and the Android mobile platform

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CodeCamp is an intense 4-week residential training program that targets early-stage developers. Our focus this year is on front-end web development and training you to build awesome android mobile applications using proven facilitator-led classroom-styled training sessions. The bootcamp will expose successful applicants to cutting-edge, best-design practices to consider when building for web and mobile. Successful participants will take on paid internships at CcHUB-supported start-ups for 3 months.

For Participants

CodeCamp will equip participants with essential skills required to build bug-free, user-friendly web and Android applications by focusing on:

  • Foundation of Software Quality and Engineering
  • Understanding the Mobile Ecosystem
  • Conceptional Design for Mobile
  • Java for Android
  • Mobile Analytics
  • Implementing Location-Based Services
  • Mobile Analytics
  • Application Security
  • Testing your Application
  • Monetization

For Start-ups/Businesses

Adopt an Intern: Trainees will be required to undergo paid internships at CcHUB-supported start-ups for a 3-month period. This will afford them the opportunity to try out and hone their newly-acquired skills in a fast-paced, challenging production environment.

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A few things you'll learn


Every webpage you look at is written in a language called HTML. You can think of HTML as the skeleton that gives every webpage structure.


CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) are what give your HTML pages their beautiful appearance. With your HTML structure in place, the CSS will make it look great!


Learn this powerful scripting language and use it to build lightweight applications with enhanced user interfaces.

Java for Android

Using Java and Eclipse, students will learn how to build build basic Android applications using best mobile design practices.

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